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Ramadan Ration Program 2016 Initiative by The Quran Foundation

Assalamualaikum Dear Brother & Sisters in Islam,

Advance Wishes of Month of Ramadan to You and Your Families. May Allah swt accept our Namaz,Fasting, Zakat and all other worship during this holy month of Ramadan and bless us the taufeeq to offer Namaz and Ibadah for the whole year and rest of the life, ameen.

Alhamdulillah, with your prayers and support, now The Quran Foundation is also registered under 12AA of the Income Tax Act 1961.

Thanks to Allah the Almighty who blesses us opportunities every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every month & every year to understand the purpose of our creation, that is to worship Him, live the way He want us to do so & to please Him. This year as well, we are going to be blessed with, Inshallah, with such noble days of the year which every Muslim around the corners of the globe is waiting for. Every obligatory Namaz will be rewarded 70 times more, every Nawafil will be rewarded as the Fard, every deed will be rewarded 70 times more. And this opportunity is to please Allah, The Almighty. Lets not forget our brothers and sisters in this Ramadan who need our help. Lets share our Zakat/Charity/Fitra/Fidya to the needy this Ramadan.

The Holy Month of Ramadan is coming and with extraordinary challenges encountered by many poor and needy families, the scarcity of food remains one of the major hurdles at the downward section of Muslim Ummah. Therefore, the cardinal objective of Ramadan Ration Program (RRP) is to provide food aid to poor and needy families who are deprived of eating thrice a day, especially when it is needed the most i.e. during the holy month of Ramadan. Though The Quran Foundation (TQF) is working to overcome very little of the challenging portion in this aspect, yet, a great amount of uncertainty continues to grow and ongoing challenge of poverty among Muslims can realistically be experienced.

With your Zakat/contributions, Alhamdulillah, below are the details of the RRP that we had undertaken in last five Years.

  • In Year 2011, Ration was distributed to 765 Families.
  • In Year 2012, Ration was distributed to 1100 Families.
  • In Year 2013, Ration was distributed to 1200 Families.
  • In Year 2014, Ration was distributed to 875 Families.
  • In Year 2015, Ration was distributed to 900 Families. Also supported 120 Hifz students for the whole year.

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The Holy Quran states at 76:8-9: “(The righteous are those) who feed the poor, the orphan and the captive for the love of God, saying: ‘We feed you for the sake of God alone; we seek from you neither reward nor thanks.'”

This year also, The Quran Foundation have come up with a plan to feed the poor Muslims during Ramadan 2016. It is our responsibility to utilize the collected funds (Zakar/Fitra/Chairty/Sadaqa) in a manner where it reaches to the needy Muslims.

With 0% administration Cost, we will take your 100% Zakat/Charity to the needy Muslims at their doorstep.

The cost of a Ration pack is INR 2000/- (~$30 Only) for a month. You can sponsor or contribute anything as per your strength.


For Banks Within India:
M/s. The Quran Foundation, A/c# 112401000202, Special Savings Account, ICICI Bank Ltd, Tolichowki Branch, Hyderabad – 500 0008, AP, India. (IFSC Code: ICIC0001124)

Office Address for dropping Cash & Cheque favoring The Quran Foundation:
The Quran Foundation, #8-1-351/28/A, Near Masjid Quba, Adams Colony, Tolichowki, Hyd-500 008, AP, India.

For confirmation/receipt of your contributions, please call/SMS/whatsap @+91 9032328218 or emailthequranfoundation@gmail.com

Your compassion and generosity will reach thousands of men, women and children who are Muslims and in need. Please make a difference in their lives and donate now!

Inshallah, the actual distribution of Ration will start on 29th Shaban/1st Ramadan, so your Zakat will reach needy people in the month of Ramadan.

How can you help or volunteer us in this cause?
1) Forward & request this appeal in your offices.
2) Forward & request your friends, relatives & family members to donate.
3) Post this Appeal on your FB Page.
4) Talk to people about it.
5) Collect Funds & handover to us.

Note: Other Programs where we will requesting/appealing your contributions/Zakat is for our Orphanage and Education Support Program.

Jazakum Allah Khair for your contributions & advance Ramadan wishes to you & your families. Remember the team of The Quran Foundation in your valuable prayers and also the entire Ummah. May Allah swt bless us Ikhlaas to work more and more for the Ummah…Ameen.


Download the pdfRamadan_Ration_Program 2016

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