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Education Support Program (ESP)


Dear Brothers, Sisters and Elders.

Please remember the whole Ummah in your prayers during this Ramadan. May Allah swt bless us the taufeeq to utililze Ramadan in the best possible way, ameen.

As you all know that under The Quran Foundation we support both Modern and Islamic Education so as to make our community lives a balanced life based on Quran and Sunnah. For this we require teachers just not to teach mathematics, physics etc in schools but also to teach essentials of deen to our kids. Apart from this we also need Alims who guide us at every moment of life so that we dont cross the limits of Shaira.

Currently, Alhamdulillah with your last year support, we are supporting 250 Kids (Poor and Orphan kids) who are becoming Hafiz e Quran (Memorization of Quran) and just not this we also teach them modern subject like English and Mathematics on weekends so make them competitive in this modern world. In this program we are supporting them with Free Food (3 times), Free Clothes, Free Accommodation and Free Education. So, we see that supporting this cause with zakat serve dual purpose, feeding poor kids (means Zakat reaching to poor) and educating them with Deen.‎  Under this Quranic Mission, we organize and support evening classes for school going kids to teach them with Tajweed and essentials of deen, alhamdulillah currently we are supporting 500+ Kids. So a total of 750+ kids are getting education at various Quran Learning Centers (Madarsa)

We request you all for helping us with your continuous support towards this Quranic Mission.

We are seeing on social media that we are bit confused on the understanding of zakat being given to Poor People or Madarsa Kids. Lets analyze the facts. Please read all the below  QnA to understand the reality.

  1. ‎Who are Poor? The one eligible to receive Zakat.
  2. What is Madrasa? Place where kids gets Islamic education. They become Hafiz/Alim/Mufassir/Muhaddis/Faqee etc from the madarsas only. No one become either of the above by following content on Internet.
  3. Who support poor  public with education and food?
    Govt, NGOs, General Public etc. Govt has specific Departments to support poor public under the name of Minority welfare, Central and State Scholarships, the local municipalities has welfare schemes for poor public. General public gives their charity to poor people in the form of Zakat/Sadaqat. So we see that all benefits are for poor people and Ahamdulillah people from all sides (Government, Public etc) helping these poor people to a large extent. We dont deny helping poor people, it has immense rewards in the court of Allah swt indeed, but we need to prioritize and make the things balanced for proper functioning of the society. So, please dont follow rumors on Social Media that are against giving Zakat to Madarsas.

    4.  Who support  Madarsa (where poor and Orphan kids stays)?No One.

Except very minor portion of our Zakat only during Ramadan that too after giving to all our relatives/neighbors.

  1. Is Govt or any other organization support madarsas? Why? 

No. Since Madarsa is a place that produces Hafiz/Alim/Mufti, infact enemies and munafiqs never want madarsas to grow. they don’t have issues with madarsas since they want to stop Deen getting propagated.

  1. Can Zakat be given to madarsa?

Yes, all Ulema from every Jamat are united on this fact of supporting madarsa with zakat as it serve dual purpose, feeding poor kids (means zakat reaching to poor) and educating them with deen.‎

  1. What if there is no Madarsa?

Firstly, today the downfall of ummah is due to less knowledgeable and balanced ulema, and the internet based speakers are spoiling the spirit of Islam.‎ So no madarsa means no production of Hafiz/Alims/Mufti. Secondly, infact we should be thanked to the madrasa owners/operators as they have saved Lakhs of kids from sleeping and begging on streets etc by admitting them into madrasa. So supporting Madrasas means preventing these poor kids from begging on streets, we are actually making these kids responsible of saving our Deen.

So we are requesting you all not to follow false statements from those who don’t want to support madarsa and spreading fake news about it. They are actually supporting the enemies of deen by corrupting the minds of people for not contributing Zakat to Madrasa.‎ Just because of one madarsa which can’t maintain transparency, we cannot bring back lakhs of kids on road for begging. Also, middle class or rich people make their kids hafiz e quran for their own benefit on the day of judgement, their intention is not to make them imam or alim or mufti who can guide the community, Allah knows the best in their hearts. As stated in the below verse of Quran, we need a group of people to guide us on the path of Quran and Sunnah.

Quran: Chapter #3: Verse#104

Let there arise out of you a group of people inviting to all that is good, enjoining Al-Ma’ruf (i.e. Islamic Monotheism and all that Islam orders one to do) and forbidding Al-Munkar (polytheism and disbelief and all that Islam has forbidden). And it is they who are the successful.

The very important thing to remember about the Madrasa before we support them with Zakat are as below,

– The kids at Madrasa eat same water like daal through out the year except on few days if they get some non-veg, Sadaqaat etc.

– The Kids at Madrasa wear same 2 or 3 dress through out the year, the same Kurta Pyajama.

– Most of the Madrasa do not have proper infrastructure to support activities (playing games, computers etc) which is required for the growing of kids.

– The Kids wash their own clothes.

– Also due to financial reasons like very less pay to teaching staff, improper infratructure etc are making this sector of education slowing down day by day, this directly has impact on our generations. After all who teach or guide us for following the ways of Quran and Sunnah, who teach our kids the Quran etc?

Key Role of Madarsa:

  1. Madrasas are center of free education; they are the nucleus of cultural & educational lives of Muslims.
  2. The Madrasas are an invaluable instrument of traditional education but they’ve also played a vital role in spreading literacy amongst the down trodden segments of Muslim society.
  3. Madrasas serve as a vehicle for articulating Islamic cultural heritage & universal values that are deeply embedded in the tradition, consciousness & identity of the Muslim community.
  4. From 1857 to 1947, Madrasas not only participated enthusiastically but also provided leadership to the movements at various 5. places towards Freedom of our Country.
  5. Madrasas are the greatest NGOs in the world that promote education among the people by offering free education, free boarding and free books.

Remember that Imam/Alim/Mufti are also human like us and they also have need for themselves and for their family. It is due to financial issues youngsters after becoming hafiz/alim are choosing different profession and hence the scarcity of masjid imams remains there. There are many masjids in villages which do not have qualified Imams to lead prayers, instead local people are doing imamat and their by explaining their own Islam due to which there are more chances of getting deviated. We have a very bad example of Fitna Ahmediya/Qadiyanis who are spreading in Villages. We have to stop this Fitna of KUFR. This is a matter of our Iman and our Akhirah.

Some people says that Zakat is a dirt of our Wealth and we shouldnt give this to Madarsa as they are learning Deen, please understand that Zakat is a dirt for the giver not for the receiver, for the receiver it is an normal money. There are numerous Hadiths on this subject where our beloved Prophet saws have informed about this clearly.

Inline with above facts, we at The Quran Foundation takes your 100% Zakat/Charity/Fitra to these Poor and Orphan Kids of Madarsa in the form of Food Ration, Clothes and Staff Salaries with 0% administration charges. This is a great sawab e jaria when you make someone Hafiz e Quran and when these hafiz teaches Quran to others you have equal rewards for you in Akhirah, this is a never ending reward journey as it just continues till end of times, Inshallah. As Hadith  says “The best amongst you are those who learn and teach The Qur’an, so teaching here also means sponsoring them to learn Quran”.

The Per Month expenses (including food and education) of ONE Hafiz e Quran is INR 2,000/- (INR 24,000/Annum). But you can donate any amount towards this cause, it is a great sawab e jaria for you and your parents and loved ones.


Mention “ESP-Yourname” in the transaction remarks while transferring online.

M/s. The Quran Foundation, 

A/c# 112401000202, Special Savings Account, ICICI Bank Ltd, Tolichowki Branch, Hyderabad.

(IFSC Code: ICIC0001124)

Can also pay through Debit/Credit Card/Internet Banking




Note: – Transaction remarks without project code will be considered as General donations and will be used as per the need in the other Welfare activities.

Office Address for  Cash & Cheque favoring “The Quran Foundation”:

The Qur’an Foundation, #8-1-351/28/A, Near Masjid Quba, Adams Colony, Tolichowki, Hyd-500 008, Telangana, India.

For confirmation of your contributions, details and receipt, please call/SMS/whatsap @ 9032328218/ 9989092805

Can also email us: thequranfoundation@gmail.com

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