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Seerah – Part 2 – Nobility of Prophet’s Ancestors (pbuh)



The lineage of Holy Prophet (pbuh) possessed a unique charm and dignity which was not found in any other family.


The ones who even opposed the Prophet (pbuh) during His lifetime, had no other choice but to admire and confess the truthfullness, respectfullness and dignity of the Prophet’s (pbuh) lineage.







Abu Sufyan’s confession (while he didn’t accept Islam)




Once Abu Sufyan was brought to the court of Hercules, the king of Roman empire, he was questioned about the ancestry of the Prophet (pbuh) to which he replied “He is from a respectable family.”


Abu Sufyan (may Allah be pleased with Him) had said so when he was one of the enemies of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) and was looking for an opportunity to defame the Prophet (pbuh) before the king.



Hadith on the Nobility of the Ancestors of the Prophet (pbuh)




It is narrated by our Prophet (pbuh) wherein He says “Certainly, Allah has chosen Kanaanah from the progeny of Ismail (alaih assalam), the Quraish from Kanaanah, the Banu Hashim from the Quraish and has chosen me from them.”

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