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Seerah – Part 3 – Incident of As’haab al Feel




The incident of As’haab al Feel (Army of Elephants)


This incident took place in Muharram (first month of the islamic year), around 50 days before the Holy Prophet (pbuh) was born.

The then King of Yemen, Abraha, had created a place of worship in San’a, Yemen and wished that all the pilgrims coming to Mecca be diverted to San’a.

But the visitors continued to visit the Kaba in Mecca as usual. This envied Abraha and he gather his army which traveled all the way to Mecca on elephants with an aim to destroy Kaba.

The Prophet’s grand father Abdul Muttalib (rz) was the care taker of Kaba then. When Abraha reached the vicinity of Mecca, he confiscated the cattle and cames of Mecca out of which (accordint to Zarqani, vol 1, pg 85) 200 to 400 sheeps/camels belonged to Abdul Muttalib (rz).


Prayer of Abdul Muttalib (rz)


Abdul Muttalib (rz), upon hearing Abraha’s plans, reached to have a discussion with him. But Abraha was surprised that Abdul Muttalib (rz) came to ask His camels from him. Abraha was surprised and said “I have come to destroy Your Kaba and You only speak of Your heard?” to which Abdul Muttalib (rz) replied: “Kaba belongs to Allah and He is along enough to save it.

Abdul Muttalib (rz), as the Islamic scholars say, was a monotheist and left the matter to Allah. He prayed “Ya Allah! Anyone would certainly protect his house, so protect Your’s.”

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