Building Pathways to Success

Career Guidance & Employment
At The Quran Foundation (TQF), our mission is to tackle unemployment and empower the youth of our nation with comprehensive career guidance. We firmly believe that paving the way for a prosperous future begins with equipping students, from Kindergarten (KG) to Postgraduate (PG) levels, with the necessary tools to make informed career decisions.

Our dedication to this cause propels us to actively engage with schools and colleges, offering free sessions and workshops on career guidance. Through these endeavors, we have successfully steered thousands of students towards fulfilling employment opportunities across various industries.

Operating under the umbrella of the Career Guidance Council (CGC), a sister organization of The Quran Foundation, we provide a range of services:

Weekly Career Counselling: Conducting both online and offline sessions every week to offer expert guidance in career decision-making, assisting hundreds of students.
Job Referrals & Job Fairs: Facilitating connections between job seekers and employment opportunities, alongside hosting job fairs.
One-to-One Counselling: Providing personalized counselling services for job seekers.
Resume Reviewing: Assisting job applicants in crafting compelling resumes.
Personality Development: Equipping individuals with essential professional skills and confidence.
IT Skills Development: Ensuring individuals stay abreast of the latest technologies and employability skills.
Workshops: Offering workshops focused on emerging technologies and employability skills.
Career Guidance Sessions in schools and colleges: Delivering informative sessions on career options within educational institutions.
Interview Preparation: Preparing individuals for successful job interviews.
Soft Skills and Aptitude Enhancement: Offering training in communication, teamwork, and other essential soft skills.
Through CGC, we remain steadfast in our commitment to empowering the youth of our nation, providing them with the knowledge and skills necessary to embark on meaningful career journeys and contribute to a brighter future for themselves and our country.
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