At The Quran Foundation (TQF), we are committed to breaking down barriers to education. Our Education Support Program provides scholarships to orphaned, underprivileged, and deserving candidates, enabling them to pursue academic qualifications at various levels. These scholarships remove financial obstacles and empower students to reach their educational aspirations.

Our rigorous selection process, carried out by dedicated volunteers, ensures that recipients truly deserve these opportunities. We conduct thorough background checks to identify candidates who will benefit the most.

In this program, we not only provide financial aid but also monitor attendance and track progress, ensuring that students stay on their path to success. Our support extends beyond school and college, as we have also sponsored teachers pursuing higher education, including Ph.D. studies at renowned Indian universities.

What's NEXT? Our Vision for the Future:

UPSC Academy

Our vision includes establishing a UPSC academy in Hyderabad, offering foundational courses for underprivileged students aspiring to excel in various UPSC exams.


We are committed to enhancing the quality of education by adopting schools, providing essential infrastructure, and supporting faculties to ensure students receive a top-class education.

Mohalla Tuition Centres

We are running more than 50 Tuition Centres that lay a strong educational foundation, teaching subjects like English, Mathematics, Science, and Social studies. This empowers underprivileged students to pursue their career goals, opening doors to opportunities in both private and public sector companies.

Teacher Empowerment

We believe in nurturing responsible community leaders. To achieve this, we empower teachers with the necessary skills and knowledge to make a positive impact in their communities.

Reducing Dropout Rates

We are dedicated to reducing dropout rates among students in schools and colleges by providing guidance and support. Our goal is to ensure that every student can access the education they deserve and continue their educational journey.

At TQF, we are committed to empowering individuals through education, shaping a brighter future, and fostering positive change within our communities and beyond.